About MAG Elektronik


As a developer and manufacturer of controls for disposal of time by electronic means we proudly look back on a far reaching tradition. This magnificent wealth of experience helps us to recognize your individual wishes and requirements and to implement them successfully.


As early as 1950 the first coin driven time emitters were developed under the corporate name "WYGE-Münzautomaten". These were devices with electromagnetic clock mechanisms. In the course of electronic development soon afterwards the ";MAG Mikroelektronik und Apparatebau GmbH" was founded.

Emerging trends and Innovations were always spotted early and consequently implemented. Owing to the highest quality standards MAG machines have become the scale for reliability and long life in many places.

As one of the last German manufacturers we operate our own production of mechanical coin validators. This has always enabled us to meet any wish for individuality. With the introduction of the Euro currency this circumstance proved to be of competitive advantage for our customers.

Our array of products has become quite comprehensive in the course of time by means of many technical innovations and new sophisticated components. This means we will find the optimal solutions for your demands. Furthermore our competent team will develop a customized solution for your specific intended use.

We are looking forward to collaborate with you.

Your MAG team.