RFID-Transponder Units



Features & Equipment

Contactless radio chip system / can be combined as desired.
Whether the campsite is equipped with access control for the laundry room or shower, whether for a solarium, sauna, fitness machine, washing machine or dryer, the applications of our MAG-Card system TCS-1 are diverse.
Water, gas, electricity - everything can be controlled. The settlement becomes more equitable. Costs are reduced.
The use of the TCS-1 pays for itself in the shortest possible time.

The TCS-1 system consists of individual TS-1 or TS-2 control modules for each connected device, a common CT-1 booking station, and, if required, individual PM-1 power modules for connecting 230 volt electrical devices up to a maximum of 16 amperes As well as the chip transponders (contactless radio chip modules) in the form of chip cards or round plastic chips. Other module shapes such as key hanger or watch style bracelets are available as special versions on request.

The control modules TS-1 or TS-2 are set using the master transponder. The TS-1 modules can operate in three different operating modes. As a door opener module or, internally via a small change-over switch, as a device in the continuous running mode with start / stop function or with time preset function. In the continuous-running mode, the output of the TS-1 module is released as long as a valid transponder medium is within the reader range. The output is switched on and off via the Start / Stop button (for example, for showers). The debiting of the transponder and time logging occurs only when the relay output is switched on.

Of course the modules are also available as a waterproof wall mounting version. In the time-presetting mode, a time up to a maximum of 999 minutes can be preset using the start / stop button when the valid medium is detected (eg for washing machines).

Changing the design of the operating foil is possible on request and with corresponding number of pieces.