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Learn more about our cooperation partners and the technologies utilized, which make our products to what they are today as your demands are our touchstone.

RFID technology provided by Siemens…

RFID - we stick to one of the worldwide ruling developers and manufacturer. This means the equipment delivered by MAG are always state of the art.


Free of pollutants ...

MAG processes solely electronic components certified by 2002/95/EG (RoHS). Questionable or even poisonous materials are excluded.


Money changer components ...

For the hoppers and acceptors we use the quality products of "SUZO-Happ"omitting any compromises.


Bei Banknotenlesern und weiteren Komponenten setzen wir auf die bewährten Komponeten von Innovative Technology.


Money acceptance and validation with well-engineered technology ...

MAG makes use of efficient and reliable components of the manufacturer "WH-Muenzpruefer Berlin GmbH", to assure the unfailing operation of our devices.


RFID (Radio frequency identification) in detail ...

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Security features of banknotes ...

Learn more about the safety features of Euro banknotes at